Effective 09/23/19

You hereby grant us "Journeysendrp.org" a limited, non-exclusive, perpetual, transferable, assignable, fully paid-up, royalty-free, worldwide license to encode, compress, convert, create, host, distribute, transfer, perform, reproduce, display, and otherwise exploit your content over this Site and to use such content for advertisement purposes as we see fit, in any medium, in its sole and absolute discretion, without any compensation to you. Such license will apply to any form, media, or technology now known or hereafter developed. You represent and warrant that you are authorized to grant us all rights set forth in the preceding sentence. In order to revoke this license granted to us, simply remove any content you have with us.

Please do not join this site if you are not a roleplayer. It is not intended for people who use their real life faces, etc. This site was built and intended for roleplaying purposes only. Also this roleplay site is not for Children. It is a adult roleplaying site for ages 18 and older. No profiles on the site can say under that age. If you leave your child unattended we will not be responsible for them signing up for our site. But they will be banned if you contact us to do so that they cannot come on the site again. This site uses Explicit content not meant for children! 


RULES WHEN CONTACTING ADMINS: This will be enforced from this point forward. If you contact the admin panel because you have been banned, deleted or whatever the problem might be, from this point forward we will not tolerate members cussing admin members and being disrespectful when something happens. You will get one warning and if you persist to pursue foul, disrespectful language. Then you will not be allowed back on the site. Your IP will be banned!

Membership Eligibility: You must be at least 18 years of age to role play on this site. Content to include pics, story lines and other material may not be suitable for underage viewers; therefore we are not held responsible for any minor who is left unsupervised to sign-up or distribute any information within our site. By joining our site you agree that you are 18 years of age and old enough to be responsible for your own actions. As such, Journeysendrp does not violate any applicable law or regulation.

Content of Website: You are solely responsible for any content you upload to our site which means all pics, graphic creations, story-lines, videos, etc you own, if you have a license from a third party to upload the specific content on the internet, or content that is in the public domain. This includes all elements contained in your content. Therefore, you should ONLY upload content that intend to be solely responsible for. We are not responsible for the contents that our users post or upload to our site. Journeysendrp.org will not stand for graphics or layouts that are copyright to being stolen from another member. If the member can prove that the graphic was taken from them and changed. You will be deleted and banned. We will not tolerate stealing from other members. If you need something made contact the admin page and we can possibly hook you up with someone who can help make you what you need.. Also at any time if a actor, model, etc notifies you are stealing their images. They must be taken down immediately. They images are not yours therefore we must follow copyright rules.

Dispute Between Members: You are solely responsible for your interactions with other members of this site. We reserve the right but are not obligated to monitor disputes between you and other members. If you cannot resolve a conflict with another member, then moderation will be initiated, and if that fails to solve the situation, both accounts can and may be deleted.

Copyright: Copyright is a set of exclusive rights granted to the author or creator of an original work, including the right to copy, distribute and adapt the work. In most jurisdictions copyright arises upon fixation and does not need to be registered. Copyright owners have the exclusive statutory right to exercise control over copying and other exploitation of the works for a specific period of time; after which the work is said to enter the public domain. Uses covered under limitations and exceptions to copyright, such as fair use, do not require permission from the copyright owner. All other uses require permission. Copyright owners can license or permanently transfer or assign their exclusive rights to others. If you are caught violating this copyright rule, Journeysendrp.org has a right to delete your profile without warning. Please note that names cannot be copyrighted. Furthermore, one cannot copyright a character that is not your own creation and/or one that is based on mainstream concepts, lore, history, etc. (IE: You cannot claim to have copyright authority over a Dirty Harry, Anubis, Harry Potter, Lucifer, President Obama or other similar persona.)



Cum whore, Whore, Dick Sucker, Dick Licker,  Incest, I just took a shit on the site, fuck me, I'm sure I don't have to go on, you get what I'm telling you is not allowed. No one needs to know that you are one of the above or Rping it. Put a regular name and if you want people to know that is they things you like then list it in your profiles and make sure  your profile is private. 


Profiles exhibiting any child pornography or content are not allowed. So if you prefer to do this style of writing this site is not for you. We do not allow child sex acts of any kind on this site. If found you will be deleted and banned. 

User Inactivity: Profiles with a log-in date of greater than six months are hereby considered 'abandoned' profiles and may be deleted. Brand New Users (those profiles that are newer than 24 hours old) who place 'Retired' (or otherwise make notation on the name field that the profile is hereby inactive) will be removed. If you are someone that makes profiles just to let them sit so you can save things. I suggest you save them in word or word pad. Profiles that are over 6 months old and have not been logged into, will be deleted.

Forbidden Content (Applies to all pages, posts and communications):
- Coding that will alter any of our public pages to include Browse People, Online Users, etc.
- Placing another user's link and/or name on your profile page when the user has expressly requested not to be included on said page.
- Content containing hate, discrimination, sexual orientation bashing, hacking, and/or threatening another member(s).
- Content involving acts of pedophilia and/or adult content involving sex acts with a child even if both characters are child profiles.  Child character profiles (including unborn children) who engage in sexual activity of any kind will be deleted and the users banned from the site.  Furthermore, NPC characters of children (Non-profiled characters/Non-Played Characters and variations of the abbreviation) will meet with the same treatment.
- Accounts with fake email addresses. Our site is emailed verified. So please do not use fake emails.  Thank you!!
- Accounts with 'test/tester' or similar 'blank' names in the name field and/or accounts lacking default images. We consider these abandoned profiles and as such, they will be removed from our system.
- Solicitation (by any means) of our members to purchase items to include goods, products or services.
- Real life profiles.
- Advertisements and/or solicitation (by any means) which attempt to redirect our members to another online site, business venture, etc.
- Spamming the Cool New People Board or our shout box is not permitted: While there is no limit as to the amount of profiles a single user can have, we do ask that you do not create profiles simply for the sake of creating them. (IE: Creating a new profile every time you no longer show up in 'Cool New People'.) This includes deleting your profile and remaking the same character repeatedly so as to appear on the Cool New People Board.
- Illicit and explicit content with regard to nudity or sexual acts in the Shout Box OR Forums is strictly forbidden. These are public forums and conduct of that nature is not be welcomed therein.
- Bestiality is not permitted.  Users who engage in that activity will have their profiles deleted and ip addresses banned. Rape/Bondage if listed on your page needs for your profile to be private. Journeysendrp.org will not be held accountable even though its roleplay for someone to sue us for allowing that to happen on our site

- Headlines and/or name fields which contain notations regarding 'Incest' are hereby deemed inappropriate.  If you wish to rp that, we have no issue with this, but please refrain from placing that info in a visible field.  If your profile is public and contains info in the body regarding incest, make your profile private or you may face deletion.


No trackers, no locaters, no IP scanners, invisible or visible. Other sites may do it, but here at journeysendrp.org we do not allowed the privacy of our members to be violated. This site has a Virus protection program that is paid for every month and it detects these type of trackers, so Unless you want banned from this site for good you will need to remove it immediately.  NO HIDDEN APPS OF ANY KIND NO MATTER WHAT IT IS!!! They are illegal and not allowed

Forbidden Content for Pictures

The below restrictions apply to all images of all types (photos, computer generated, drawn images, etc.).

10/13/2020. Photo update NEW Top part nudity for females (JUST BREAST ONLY). An No they cannot be the ginormous boobs, believe me ginormous boobs are not sexy by no means, they are gross!!!! If you get caught taking this to the extreme and testing waters dont!!!! We will be testing this out to make sure it works as expected on our site. We want to be classy not skanks. If any rules violated you will be warned and if it continues deleted and banned. NO SEX PICS for GIFS NOT ALLOWED.

Forbidden Content In Member Gallery:
The Member Gallery is the section in which you upload images for default purposes.
- Frontal nudity to include images wherein frontal nudity is visible due to the sheerness of cloth (see-through clothing that exposes genitalia for either male/females or the areola region of the chest for females).
- Images wherein  genitalia  is covered simply by means of one's hands. 
- Pornographic images containing underage individuals and/or images that depict the actual murder, rape, bondage, and/or torture of a person or people, without the aid of special effects, for the express purpose of distribution and entertainment or financial exploitation. 
- Pornographic images that include the by-products of a sexual encounter and/or those which display adult toys.

*Items in 'Forbidden Content (Applies to all pages, posts and communications)' also apply to the Member Albums.)*

Content In Member Albums:
The Member Albums is the section in which you upload images for to individual albums.
Allowed Content In Member Albums
You may upload nude photos and other sexually explicit content to Member Albums provided that you adhere to the below guidelines:
--The first image must not violate the Forbidden Content In Member Gallery rule above. IE: The first photo that will be displayed to the public in the Search Album mode must not contain nudity, pornographic images, etc.
--Check the Direct Friends Only checkbox for 'Only let my direct friends view this album' OR set the Make Album Invite Only to 'Only users in your invite list will be able to see this image'.
--The Description field must contain the following message: Adult Content. Must be 18 years old to view. (Reminder: This site is 18 plus only; however to protect ourselves, we require this message to be in the description field.)
Forbidden Content In Member Albums
Pornographic images containing underage individuals and/or images that depict the actual murder, rape, bondage, and/or torture of a person or people, without the aid of special effects, for the express purpose of distribution and entertainment or financial exploitation.
*Items in 'Forbidden Content (Applies to all pages, posts and communications)' also apply to the Member Albums.

*Items in 'Forbidden Content (Applies to all pages, posts and communications)' also apply to the Member Albums.

Content On Profiles, Groups, Defaults And Blogs, etc:
Allowed Content On Profiles, Groups And Blogs
UPDATE 10/13/2020 Journeysendrp.org now allows Top part nudity for girls. We do have a few rules though. NO GINORMUS GROSS BOOBS. If caught with them up you will be banned from our site. I will not put up with disgusting display of nudity on this site. The guys rules stay the same. NO BEASTIALITY...... NO Gifs are allowed on the site displaying sex as your default, you can have them on your page, but it must be private. If its not private you will be warned. If you dont heed the warning your gone. You may display nude photos and other sexually explicit content on your Profile, Groups or Blogs provided that you adhere to the below guidelines:
Profile: The Profile must be set to 'Private' and the headline must contain '18+ Only'.
Groups: The Group must be set to 'Private Membership' and the Group title should display '18+ Only'.
Blogs: The Blog must be set to 'Private' and the Blog title should display '18+ Only'. The default photo for your group must not violate the Forbidden Content In Member Gallery rule.
Forbidden Content On Profiles, Groups And Blogs
Pornographic images containing underage individuals and/or images that depict the actual murder, rape, bondage, and/or torture of a person or people, without the aid of special effects, for the express purpose of distribution and entertainment or financial exploitation. 

*Items in 'Forbidden Content (Applies to all pages, posts and communications)' also apply to Profiles, Groups and Blogs.

Notice: Use of names and faces cannot be copyrighted; however, similar names and faces are being used in conjunction with one another whenever certain users are in the shout box or otherwise make new profiles. Specifically this applies to the same users or group(s) that are repeatedly doing the above. To us, these actions are suspect. If we believe that any user is attempting to model/copy others or attempting to otherwise stir up trouble on this site, we will remove you.

Failure to comply with our terms of service may result in the deletion of your account as well as the banning of your ip address. 


You are expressly prohibited, through your use of the Website, from violating any law, statute, ordinance, regulation, or treaty, from violating the rights of a third party, and from using the Website outside of its customary and intended uses. More specifically (but without limitation), you are expressly prohibited from:

 1.  Harassing, stalking, or threatening other users or third parties;

 2.  Using a robot, spider, scraper, or other automated technology to access the Website;

 3.  Imposing a disproportionate load on the Website or its server infrastructure or otherwise attempting to interfere with the operation of the Website;

 4.  Framing the services or otherwise falsely suggesting a relationship with, the sponsorship of, or the approval of Journeysendrp.org

 5.  Circumventing the Website's copy protection measures or security technologies;

 6.  Posting or transmitting content that threatens or encourages bodily harm or destruction of property;

 7.  Posting or transmitting content that infringes upon the intellectual property rights of other users or third parties;

 8.  Posting or transmitting content that is defamatory, invasive, obscene, pornographic, or offensive;

 9.  Posting or transmitting content that incites racism, hatred, or bigotry;

10.  Posting or transmitting content that contains nudity or links to adult websites;

11.  Posting or transmitting content that constitutes fraud, an unwanted commercial solicitation, a phishing scam, a pyramid scheme, or a chain letter;

12.  Posting or transmitting content that promotes or aids in criminal activity;

13.  Posting or transmitting content that contains viruses, spyware, adware, or other malicious or harmful code;

14.  Posting or transmitting content that constitutes false advertising, including but not limited to a violation of Part 255 of the FTC's false advertising regulations; and

15.  Posting or transmitting content intended to collect personal or personally identifiable information from users or third parties.