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Suai, Cova Lima
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Your minds still trapped in twilight.

✘ Notations
Multi-para and Novella, No one liners. Please discuss story lines with me in messages before sending!

Personal & Family Info BR>NAME: Leviathan Arkadian Atreus
NICKNAMES: Levi, Thane, (Open to others)
ALIASES: The Raven Prince, Ludeig Dob, Cnamrivar
DATE OF BIRTH: The Distant Past
PLACE OF BIRTH: The Blood Rose Kingdom

Physical Details
RACE: Half Djinn Half Deity
WEIGHT: 285 llbs
BIRTHMARKS: Dragon Tattoo that appears only by fire on abdomen raven on back.
SCARS: Too numerous to list

Family Ties
MOTHER: By Blood Queen Sindora (Deceased)
FATHER: Raised by King Arkaddian at first then Emperor Aggamemnon true father unknown.
SISTER(S): Elyria (Deceased), Electra, Iphinissia, Iphigenia, Leodis(By marriage)
BROTHER(S): Orestes, Zephyr

I am the center of creation.


Traits: Dark, fierce loves to torment yet protective of those he chooses.
Disorders: Split personality disorder, Psychopathic, Sociopathic
Addictions: Power, Sex and Glory
Likes: Strength, Wisdom and Honesty
Dislikes: Deceitful people, cowardly acts,

EDUCATION Former Archmagister of the IED
OCCUPATION: Prince of Ravens, Cnamrivar of Tirvar Glendhaid
JOB DESCRIPTION: To build a new legacy for my kin
EMPLOYER: My only father Emperor Aggamemnon
STRENGTHS: The most gifted of all mages, willing to do anything for those of his blood.
WEAKNESSES: Compassion



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Prince Leviathan Atreus
Verses Historical Mythology Fantasy

Leviathan was officially born as the son of Queen Sinndora and King Arkkadian of the Black Rose Kingdom. Though in truth his true father is unknown as Leviathan has discovered his mother not only had a tendency to sleep with just about any male there was rumors of her being raped. Regardless the early years of his life passed without real interest until his tenth nameday when he met and was later betrothed to Princess Kiya Atreus of Egypt. Daughter of Emperor Aggamemnon and Empress Selket.

Leviathan was a sent to Egypt to learn magic and to stay by the side of his betrothed though they were wed three years later. Yet what should of been a joyous day turned to blood an imagined slight resulted in his mother demanding her son returned and the dissolving of the union. Leviathan was devestated though refused turning to his Father in law Aggamemnon who noted the honor he showed in refusing to abandon his daughter he had the two of them placed in a safe place while war consumed the Black Rose Kingdom. His own sister was sent to kill Leviathan though he killed her with her own daggers. Leviathan remained with his young wife and for the longest time they were happy that was until her untimely disappearance and death at unknown hands.

This drove Leviathan insane he returned to the land of his birth using the darkest magic he cursed the land and raised the dead to serve his father for all time cursing his family to never die.While that should of granted him peace if anything it only deepened the wounds he felt as Archmagister of the Imperium he forged five black towers in Egypt where he served for years until he was himself assassinated by the will of Arkaddian that had survived and hidden. Rising from death Leviathan returned punishing those that had betrayed him before returning though the sacrifice had mad him host to numerous lost souls splitting his mind. Now he returns once more at his father's wish to reclaim the lands of his birth for the Imperium.

A crow, a storm. Shadows will be rising soon The Nine sing Once upon a dream ago. Doors in and out Your minds still trapped in twilight Now, catch a glimpse. I am the center of creation The prophecy

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