Princess Electra Atreus IED

115 years old
Bloemendaal, Noord-Holland
Netherlands - 000000
Last Login: February 28 2020

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Verses Mythology † Fantasy † Hystorical
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Legal Name: Princess Electra Atreus
Hair Color: Blond
Eye Color: Blue

ETHNICITY: Input info

MOTHER: Queen Clytemnestra
FATHER: Emperor Agamemnon
SISTER(S): Iphinissa, Iphigenia,Chrysothemus
BROTHER(S): Orestes Atreus, Zephyr Stormbringer, Alexandros Atreus, Leviathan, Alexios Stormbringer
Other Family:Heart of Darkness

High School Emperor Agamemnon School
College Kick your Ass College
Major Fuck off or feel my wrath
Degree Shield Maiden

OCCUPATION: Shield Maiden
EMPLOYER: Emperor Agamemnon
STRENGTHS: Bow & sword and a shield, get in my way and find out how I use them!
WEAKNESSES: You'll never know

Heart of Darkness
Princess Iphiagenia
Atreus Family Badge

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Species: No Answer
Height: 0"0'

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Electra is the daughter of Emperor Aggamemnon and Queen Clytemnestra, and thus princess of Argos. She and her brother Orestes plotted revenge against their mother Clytemnestra and stepfather Aegisthus for the murder of their father.

Electra was absent from Mycenae when her father, Emperor Aggamemnon, returned from the Trojan War to be murdered, either by Clytemnestra's lover Aegisthus, by Clytemnestra herself, or by both. Clytemnestra had held a grudge against her husband Aggamemnon for agreeing to sacrifice their eldest daughter, Iphigenia, to Artemis so he could send his ships to fight in the Trojan War. When he came back, he brought with him his war prize, Cassandra, who had already borne his twin sons. Aegisthus and/or Clytemnestra killed Aggamemnon upon his arrival, and they killed Cassandra as well. Eight years later, Electra was brought from Athens with her brother, Orestes. We are products of our past, but we don't have to be prisoners of it

According to Pindar, Orestes was saved by his old nurse or by Electra, and was taken to Phanote on Mount Parnassus, where King Strophius took charge of him. When Orestes was 20, the Oracle of Delphi ordered him to return home and avenge his father's death. According to Aeschylus, Orestes saw Electra's face before the tomb of Agamemnon, where both had gone to perform rites to the dead; recognition took place, and they arranged how Orestes should accomplish his revenge. Orestes and his friend Pylades, son of King Strophius of Phocis and Anaxibia, killed Clytemnestra and Aegisthus (in some accounts with Electra helping). Before her death, Clytemnestra cursed Orestes, which the Erinyes or Furies, whose duty it is to punish any violation of the ties of family piety, fulfill this curse with their torment. They pursue Orestes, urging him to end his life. Electra luckily was not hounded by the Erinyes.


Traits: she also has a sense of adventure, as well as fierce ambition and the desire to fight along side her family
Disorders: Bipolar with alot of anger brewing inside
Addictions: Men, love, family, bloodshed,fighting
Likes: Blood shed, fighting,Family, Friends
Dislikes: Back stabbing,lying, two faced bitches
Quirks: grunting, sighing, pouting, braided hair, fidgety.

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Keep your best wishes, close to your heart!
Power is dangerous. These are the words of the Gods But that power, that danger, is everything Those who dream of danger may awake to death It lives in an army that will protect my Family But life must be lived to the fullest I listen silently to the ramblings of men For I am not the one in charge of my fate

Powers & Abilities

Animal morphing, shape shifting, teleportation, smoke manipulation, fog or mist master- that means you can utilize fog or mist to make your escape, body hardening or dermal Armour- makes your body hard to penetrate with weaponry, organic wing manifestation - this means you can form wings from organic material, and finally intangibility you can walk through walls Time takes it all, whether you want it to or not



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The gods have already written my story!

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Scarlett De Vere [IED]

02-11-2020 4:59:18

"Yes, I've noticed though I wasn't naive to think I'd be the only one. Everything happened so fast and to be honest with you, I love being with him even when we are just in each other's presence." She listened to Electra as she spoke then shook her head. "Oh, no, he's never treated me badly. He's been very kind and careful with me." She had a feeling by the way Electra was talking that kind and gentle weren't things she had seen from her father but if anything were to happen, Electra would be the first to know. "I promise I'll tell you and to get to know more about the people and the land here, I'd love to go on your journey with you. If he says yes then yes, I'll be your travel companion." She said with a soft smile. It was nice having someone who would actually speak to her and not judge her for the role she has accepted there in the palace. "Oh and I don't think I gave you my name." She smiled again. "It's Scarlett." There was no need for a last name anymore since she was the only surviving member of her family.

Scarlett De Vere [IED]

02-03-2020 5:25:27

Electra was beautiful and so energetic and that made Scarlett feel more at home. She had wandered around the castle but it was mostly at night but today she thought she'd change it up and see what she could find. The Emperor was busy elsewhere and she wasn't too far from his reach if he needed her. Once they sat and Electra asked what she did there, she smiled and leaned close to her almost whispering. "I'm one of your father's ladies." She didn't want to come right out and say lover but she knew Electra knew what she meant. "He found me in a pile of ash and took care of me before he brought me here but before that, I had a family. Everyone was killed except me which is something I still don't understand." Having sisters and brothers was something she missed terribly. "I know I can't take your sister's place and if your father says it's not a problem, we can have fun." She still didn't know what she was and wasn't allowed to do there but hopefully, she would learn her position and role soon.

Scarlett De Vere [IED]

01-15-2020 12:21:38

It had been a few weeks since Scarlett felt like touring the castle and as she walked down the long hallway she was approached by the Princess. She had seen her from her window a time or two but was too shy to go out and talk to her. Now she was going to get the chance to do so as her hand was held out. Scarlett took it and shook it gently and smiled at her. "Hello and thank you. You're not bothering me at all. Actually I've been here for a while but I just haven't had the chance to get out and meet people." She smiled then nodded at the invitation. "I would love to. Just let me know when and we can do it unless you want to do it now?" She was free for the moment, or so she hoped, and she also hoped that the Princess wouldn't feel weird around her once she found out what her position there at the castle was.

Zephyr "The Stormbringer" Wolf of Sparta

01-10-2020 5:52:56

Zephyr gave a slightly amused smile as she spoke and could not help but tease her after all he had not seen his sister in a long time, "Sweet sister you really should know unlike some I am not so...liberal with giving my attention to any that seek it. After all for all my playful nature and I do not claim to be innocent I have my standards." He gave her a warm smile and also hugged her in his powerful arms, "It is good to see you sister once I have had my bath I shall seek you out perhaps we can go riding together as we did as children I even promise not to fall off this time." He gave a jovial chuckle before striding off to the baths to enjoy a nice peaceful soak to was the scent of journey from his body as he had traveled by lightning the scent of fire and searing fury clung to him still.

Hєaят оf Daґкnєšš, Cяєшмaтє ☠

11-10-2019 10:51:36

Heart took in all of what Electra said. She had the instrinct to guess she and Electra might be related, but to what extent. then it all made sense when she referred to her father, and Heart gave a small smirk. She rather found that while the rest of the family Atreus might be completely binkers, her own father included, Electra was a sweet star.

Stopping when the palace was in view, Heart turned to Electra and placed a hand on her shoulder turning the other woman to her slightly and put a hand up to stop the tirade of words that flowed from Electra like a dam had been opened.

"I find you neither stupid or foolish for venturing so far, and a knife may be all you need when it comes to life and death. I hope your dragon friend comes around to tell you why he's so...moody, but until then you must be patient, Princess."

As someone used to speaking her mind, Heart was firm when it came to giving news, but her itnentions were always sincere. She smiled at the other woman before continuing.

"As to your offer to come inside, I must decline the invitation at this time. Having spent time in the palace of the Emperor I prefer the dangers your dragon friend offers. And to answer your question, if my guess is correct you are my father, Alexandros's, sister." Heart then pulled Electra in for a hug, something she was not used to doing but was making an effort to be more open to affection given Daniel her pirate captain, was responsible for that. "We shall catch up at some point, I promise you." With that Heart encouraged Electra to enter into the palace grounds, in order to ensure her safety.

Thalia~slave to Aggamemnon Atreus IED

11-10-2019 4:44:11

shivering her long raven hair plastered to her head and body as if it was pasted on.her rare ocean blue eyes dule from the lack of sleep from hunter her herbs . wrinkling her nose at the smell of the inside of the cage. reaching inside of her pooch bring out some lavender , thalia tossed it into the fire to help clear the smell in the cage, looking at the Princess she knelt removing her silk though wet it would still be good to ground some of her herbs on it .Mistress can you please tell me how you are feeling, believing her Mistress was sick from the smell of the cage,, thalia pulled out some of her herbs as she sorted out the ones she felt would help out her Mistress. i was out hunting herbs and got caught up in the mist of the storm Mistress , and drove under the bushes for shelter . Looking up to the Mistress, what are you doing out here tis far out from your fathers palace my Mistress? Your father would not be happy if he found out that you are this far out from home.grinding the herbs as the girl finish , holding the silk with the grounded herbs over the fire yet not to close to catch her silk on fire, the slave girl heated the herbs, once they was heated , she scooted closer to the cave entrance holding out her silk once more letting it get soaked with rain, turning to her Mistress, she held out the herb stuff silk to her Mistress, suck on this please Mistress it will help settle your stomic.

Thalia~slave to Aggamemnon Atreus IED

11-06-2019 1:56:27

Shivering as the slave girl walked with her head down tring to keep the cold rain from falling down upon her face, her long raven hair flowed down along her cold wet back as she made her way from the hills and forest. walking back towards her Masters place the girl looked around to find some shelter hopefully safe at that. the pouch on her side held only her herbs. Looking up to the sky , seeing it red as if it was on fire, the slave girl thalia shivered in the rain as she hurried her steps faster, knowing of a cave yet also knowing she would not make it there in time, as the rain started to fall harder and faster down up on her the girl droped to her knees as she crawled under some bushes to wait out the storm.

Zephyr "The Stormbringer" Wolf of Sparta

10-31-2019 4:32:37

A dark smile etched on his lips though it held a warmth that radiated through him as though he held a sun deep within him. "Who says that it is not the fact that both that I am a healer and that I am gifted with my hands in many ways." He gave her a teasing smile, "Why would I need to bring many things when such trappings will only weigh me down. After all I think you are missing the fact I did not even bring a horse nor did I arrive by ship. So that raises the bigger question how is it I am here.."He looked towards the sky and as he did the clouds grew closer and lightning lashed through the darkness crisscrossing in a way only an immortal being could make out the flashes formed her name. "I have my talents..Though a bath sounds great are you planning to join me.." He gave a chuckle and nodded, "Oh I have died more than enough I have no intention of leaving this world that easily again." He paused, I am here to make my peace though I have my own fate to attend to."

Hєaят оf Daґкnєšš, Cяєшмaтє ☠

10-28-2019 1:00:40

I knew my family was close to the emperor. Especially those who had grown up under his rule, but I felt like an outsider for the msot part, and with good reasons, and while I held no warmth or illusion of love toward my kin in that regard, I could not in good faith deny the help Electra was asking for as she had been nothing but good to me and for those reasons alone, I would agree to help her home safely. "whatever keeps you from getting into trouble, with the old man, I will do." I gave her my word, and proceeded to do just that. "what exactly is your dragon friend so upset about that he's on a rampage?" I asked but did not expect for her to tell me. Instead I waited for her to collect her wits, in order to make it back to the palace. The place did smell like barbecued animals, and charred wood. It happens when a place is lit on fire and left to burn out, and what animals aren't killed are displaced, I would know as I had been on the run most of my life. But that was all behind me now. I turned to her smiling. "If we continue at a steady pace, we will reach the palace in a few hours. If you need to rest, we will stop, but I am with you until you are safely back at him. You have my word." I nodded and looked at the fire burning in the sky. With any luck we'd reach the palace before her friend circled back this way.

Hєaят оf Daґкnєšš, Cяєшмaтє ☠

10-20-2019 1:46:31

It was supposed to be dark currently within the empire, but the sky was alight with a light that ignited the sky and the lands below in the soft hue of an orange glow, similar to the flames on a fire. It was a displaced light because the night sould not look like the sun was setting for a second time in the same day. Heart looked up, wondering what on earth could be happening. A tension filled her belly that she could not name, and slid like a rock to settle on the bottom. Restless was the beast within as she sniffed the air, inwardly whispers twitched, as the pungent scents of death filled her nostrils. Heart growled a bit, allowing the dark huntress her moment to give voice to the displeasure of finding death in the air and not the fresh scent of blood. Carefully Heart walked, trying to track where the source of the smell was coming from, while also keeping an eye on the sky. With the night like this, it would be easy to get lost as there were no stars in the sky for which to find your way, no way to navigate the constellations and she gave a heavy sigh, as she rounded a corner to see movement out of the corner of her eye. Cautiously she moved within a shadow concealing her form, and simply watched, eyes keen to any surrounding dangers, only to realize through the scent of death was that of blood familiar to her... this must be one of her aunts, but that did not make one of the Atreus any less dangerous and she grew more cautious knowing of the woman's relation to the emperor himself. In close observation she seemed as affected by the scent as Heart herself, and seemed indecisive about sleeping there for the nigh, and Heart had to wonder if maybe the princess had lost her way. Sleep. For you will be safe at present time. Heart told her silently, watching the woman.