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Alexander Corvinus
Straight Taken The First Immortal To Be Known
Death Is Only The Beginning

High Table of the Phoenix
High Table of the Phoenix

The High Table of the Phoenix was founded by both Alexander Corvinus and Avelina De Moray. Its members are known to be very powerful but are not the type to flaunt what they are or show what kind of powers they have.

The reason for a Phoenix being the crest for the High Table is cause Alexander had ask Zan Skyfang to seal that mystical creature beneath the Phoenix Mansion. It is the power of the Phoenix that protect the Mansion and keeps its location hidden from those that are not members of the High Table of the Phoenix.

Mustang Cygnus
Mustang Cygnus

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Edyn Gungrave
Edyn Gungrave

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Statistical NAME: Alexander Corvinus
PLACE OF BIRTH: The Underworld
SPECIES: Immortal
EYE COLOR: Ocean Blue
HEIGHT: "6'3"
WEIGHT: "250"
PARENTS: Deceased
PAST RELATIONSHIP(S): None of your concern
OCCUPATION: Leader of the High Table of the Phoenix
PERSONALITY: Charming, Laid Back, Fearless, Leader
LIKES: Many things
DISLIKES: Liars & Disloyalty
ADDICTIONS: Avelina's Body

It the 5th age there was an outbreak the Europe had never seen before and in hopes that will never see again. This plague was voracious and it claimed many lives as it tore through the country. At the time there were several families that ruled of the land. The Luxcian′s, Dellacour′s, Van Holsous, and the Corvinus family. One by one each house fell to this voracious plague and none were spared.

It had come to the foot of the mountain of the House of Corvinus. They watched as the village was hit. People were praying to any god that would listen but no help came. The plague soon found its way into the castle and it started with the children and elderly. The adults were helpless to do anything and just waited for it to take then next.

It was at this point the plague crept into Alexander′s body. He lay in bed suffering at what he thought was his fate and will soon join his family. But after several days he found himself feeling better but his family was dying around him. He watched as one died right after the other and soon realized that the plague changed his body and he was aging at a much slower rate.

He found that he possessed a strange power and was now an immortal. The first of his kind in this world thanks to the plague that killed his family and countless people. Having nothing left and no family, Alexander Corvinus left his homeland and headed to Romania and is were he fell in love with a woman. but hid that he what he was from his wife.

A few years later she was pregnant with twins. But this would be his only two sons as his wife could not survival giving birth to them. The first to be born was William and followed by Marcus. His wife lay dying and took his hand. She made him swear to always look after the twins and keep them safe. Alexander swore to her that he will do what she asked of him and soon drifted into a sleep that she would never wake from again.

Alexander raised his sons and taught them hold to fight and act in front of others, To have manners and look out for themselves. But want he could not protect them was their fate. For you see the two would change the world forever and Alexander would be the one to clean up the mess his sons would cause. On the night he sons went out the were attacked.

William was by himself when the wolf cam. It had smelled his scent in the air and found William resting on the rivers edge. It crept up behind the young man and before William could turn it jumped upon hims and started to viciously attack him. Biting and clawing the young man. William yelled for his brother as Marcus was a hundred yard from his brother.

William had managed to throw the wolf down to the ground and wrapped his arm around the beast and strangle it to death but William was bleeding out as Marcus can and saw the beast laying on the ground and his brother slumped over a log. Marcus helped his brother to his feet and slowly helped him back to the castle. As the two walked a bat smelled the blood of William and followed the scent.

It saw the two and flew down and instead of biting William it bit Marcus on the back of his neck. Marcus yells out and drops William as the bat sank its teeth his Marcus. He reach behind and smashes the bat against his neck and feels his blood run down his back as he helps his brother William back home. Later the night William′s body was hurting as he laid in bed and started to howl.

The plague that was passed down from his father was reacting to the bites of the wold and William started to change and howls out. Alexander heard his son′s howls and runs to William′s room and pushes the door open only to see what his son had turned into. Standing on the bed was a beast that looked Alexander and he knew at once that the beast was his son William/ The beast leaped out of the window and ran off.

He remembered the Marcus was bit and went to his room. Marcus was unchanged but stood in the middle of his room. He slowly turned to his father and Alexander saw the Marcus was no longer the son he knew. Soon after Marcus left and Alexander would be looking after his two sons and cleaning up the mess. Years pass and Alexander heard of how his sons turned humans into vampires and lycans.

Alexander did his best to keep the world from the one hid in the dark. It was not until the Awakening of Marcus that he fear was to come true. He heard of the containment of his son William. He did not like this but knew it was or the best that is until Marcus went looking for William. It was a woman named Selene and his descendant Michael Corvin came and put a stop to his sons. Marcus had come to his father wanting the key to free his brother.

But Alexander refused and Marcus stabbed his father. He helped Selene by giving her his blood to make her stranger to defeat Marcus. Alexander lay dying in his living quarts as he held the explosive in his hand. He knew what would happen to him as the fire covered his body in the explosion. He reverted back to his youth once again as the world that knew him now thought he had died. Free to walk among the world in a new life once again.


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My Dark Love: Avelina De Moray

I met Avelina De Moray on the field of battle. She was there for the head of General Tullias of Persia. He was the head of the Southern Army and was one that like some people that she cared for. She held her own with such grace that even in the bloodshed that she seemed to bathe in as her weapons pierced and cut those she deemed her enemy.

As the battle raged on he saw that General Tullias had somehow sent for re-enforcement and the Corvinus Forces had begun to dwindle as he called his man to close ranks. He looked over and saw that Avelina was getting over powered. He alone broke ranks and with his Great Ebony Sword he name SkyForge and broke the line that was advanced on her. Looking at each other with no words spoken but a bond slowly formed between the two.

Standing back to back as the were creating a perfect defense. Her with her crafted she mastered. He with his Great Ebony Sword that created a barrier as he was a sword master and they both left no opening. Both with their back against each other and they circle slowly as they waited.

The battle was long but the Corvinus Army and Avelina De Moray managed to hold off the onslaught and they had gotten Tullias in the end. Alexander stood next to Avelina as he placed the sword on his back. He stood at 6'3 and his Great Ebony Sword was 5'11 and weighed close to fifty pound but he was held it with one hand in the battle. He looked at Avelina and she took his head. This was the start to her long battle to retake her homeland of Egypt. One that he would lend his services to her many times as an adviser for her military and as her right hand on the battlefield.

It was then that they both started their relationship though at the time he looked old. They both has respect for each other and as the years pass they both grew more and more fond of each other and it wasn't until she heard of his passing that she knew her feeling were much more than she thought. They night he tried to kill himself his mind went to the second woman that his heart was with after his wife that passed long ago. It was the one thing he greatly regretted leaving and he would never get the chance to tell her just how he felt for her. But it was not his fate to died. Fate had plans for Alexander and he had a second chance to be with Avelina and he was going to not make the same regret he did one and told her how he felt. That he loved her since they met long ago.

Loyal Ones "I trust them with my life... Can you say the same?"

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