Ruki Matsumoto: Leader of The House of Shadows [T]
"I am the master of Silver and Head of the House of Shadows. We bow to no one!"
116 years old
Tōkyō, Tokio
Japan - xxx98
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Ruki's Basic Information

✗ FULL NAME: Ruki Matsumoto.
✗ NICKNAME/ALIAS: Master Ruki.
✗ PET NAME: Master/Ru Ru. - [Used by Silver alone]
✗ ORIGIN: Given to him by his father.
✗ GENDER: Male.
✗ GENDER ROLE: Generally act more Masculine.
✗ ORIENTATION: Straight.
✗ REAL AGE: 32.
✗ BIRTHDAY: October 31st.
✗ BIRTHPLACE: Tokyo Japan.
✗ ZODIAC SIGN: Scorpio.
✗ SPECIES: Immortal Shadow Spawn. - [Hybrid]
✗ HAIR COLOR: Bleach Blond, Changes with his mood.
✗ SKIN TONE: Fair.
✗ MAKEUP: Light Makeup, Yes.
✗ BODY TYPE: Thin Build.
✗ HEIGHT: "6'3"
✗ WEIGHT: "135"
✗ HEALTH: Excellent.
✗ ENERGRY: Excellent.
✗ MEMORY: Excellent.
✗ SENSES: Heightened.
✗ FAMILY: My daughter Lilly and my younger brother's Genzo, Ryuk, Kenji, and Kai.
✗ ADDICTIONS: Silver, Smoking, Sex, & Money.
✗ OCCUPATION:Master of The House of Shadows
✗ JOB DISCRIPTION:Track them before they find you!
✗ SKILLSET:Professional.

Lilly Faye Matsumoto

Lilly is my daughter and a member of the house of shadows. She is a highly trained Blood Assassin and serves me and our family with very high honors. Mess with her and there will be hell to pay. In other words... she'll make you wish you were NEVER born.

Genzo Matsumoto

Master Genzo is the second eldest to master Ruki and is considered the tough guy out of the bunch. He is tall with light brown eyes and looks to kill. When he isn't training or fighting with his brother's, you can normally find him lounging about in the game room drinking black whiskey.

Ryuk Matsumoto

Master Ryuk is considered the laid back member of the group. while he enjoys a good fight, he tends to stay more so to himself. Often seen wearing his nose guard as he is very self conscious about his looks, Master Ryuk is simply one of a kind.

Kenji Matsumoto

Master Kenji is considered the prankster with a very bad temper. He enjoys pulling pranks on his older and younger brothers while constantly cracking jokes on those he doesn't like. To put it simply, if you don't like pranks... leave him be.

Kai Matsumoto

Master Kai is considered the shy and kind one out of the bunch. While he's not into picking fights like his older brothers, that doesn't make him any less deadly. In other words... Never mistake his kindness for weakness!

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House of Shadows

The House of Shadows is a criminal organization run by the head leader of the Japanese mafia. They were first put in place during the early 2000's and have recruited thousands of young men and women to help further their cause to serve and protect the leader Sanzo Matsumoto. Sanzo is the father of five boys, of which the eldest was named Ruki Matsumoto. Upon his death, it was Ruki who claimed the title of Leader of the organization.

It was he who changed the organization from drug trafficking to recruiting countless men and women, training them to become bigger and better assassins. Stripping them of their former lives and giving them a new reason to live, Ruki became their saving grace as many of them were bound by their former loved one's debts that couldn't be paid off right away.

Overall... The House of Shadows is a safe haven for those who needed a way out. But only the strongest of them survived the cruel and harsh training of the Mongoli who trained these men and women to become what they are today, the worlds most brutal and lethal blood assassin's to ever be created under the greatest house to ever be know... The House of Shadows.

The Past

Ruki, born Ruki Matsumoto, is the eldest of his four younger brothers, Genzo, Ryuk, Kenji, and Kai Matsumoto. Upon his father's death, Ruki recieved the deed to his father's grand estate as well as the many servants and staff that lived there along with his young brothers.

Before his rise to power in The House of Shadows, Ruki was considered the bad boy outcast of the bunch, as he and his younger brothers were very different from each other. Ruki was a charming, yet very sarcastic male; who was always good with the ladies.

That was until he met his perfect match in a young girl of whom he later renamed Silver Moon. When Ruki first saw the girl, he saw the fire in her eyes, and knew she could never be tamed. This thought alone intrigued him to no end, and he became obsessed with her.

Everything about her from her silent disposition, to the way she looked at her life as a whole, was more than amusing to him as he knew she would fight him at every chance she could. Her background of being half white and half Japanese also peeked his curiosity; as the girl possessed a rare beauty unlike any other he'd seen thus far.

So he set out to test her in all she did to see just how far she was willing to go, in order to regain her freedom. In the end... she didn't disappoint him, but that was only the beginning.

The Present

In the following months to come Ruki learned a lot about silver without her ever saying a single word to him about who and what she was. For instance, He found that after her twenty first birthday, Silver had stopped aging. This gave away her secret that she was not only a half breed, but she was an immortal half breed.

It had to of been her mother who was immortal as her father looked his current age of seventy. It was later revealed to him that when Silver's mother passed away while giving birth to her, she then passed on her own immortality to Silver who will one day do the same to her child as is the custom among immortal females.

This was only one of many things he'd learned about her as he pushed her to get stronger and become far more deadly than any of his other assassins. Ruki had fallen in love with Silver for the simple life she was given and respected her for the strength and courage she had to not only pay off her father's debts, but remain by his side as his lover and number one Blood Assassin.

To this day silver kills for him, not because she has to, but because it's all she knows. As for Ruki, he and the rest of his siblings remain at the top of their class because of Silver's dedication to Ruki as they often joke that should she ever leave their house it would surely be the death of them all.

My Love
✗ BY WHOM: Silver Moon.
✗ ENGAGED: Not yet.
✗ CHILDREN: Someday.

✗ OUR LOVE STORY: The first time I laid eyes on her, I knew she was the one. I wanted to know everything about her and find what makes her smile. Silver isn't like other girls as she is immortal. She's also a hybrid, being half Japanese and half white, she was given to our house to become our newest servant.

But as I watched her endure through every hardship I gave her I quickly realized she would be better suited to kill rather than to serve. Silver, You will always belong to me. I own you, mind, body, and soul. My love for you will never fade as I am your master and you my sinful delight.

Forever Her Master of Shadows,

Master Ruki.

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