Lilly: Blood Assassin |Bound to Daddy Ruki| Member of the House of Shadows [T]
"I serve my daddy Ruki and The House of Shadows. We bow to no one!"
116 years old
Tōkyō, Tokio
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Silver's Basic Information

✗ FULL NAME: Lilly Faye Matsumoto.
✗ PET NAME: Baby Girl. - [Used by daddy Ruki alone]
✗ ORIGIN: Given to her by her father Ruki.
✗ GENDER: Female.
✗ GENDER ROLE: Generally act more feminine.
✗ ORIENTATION: Bisexual.
✗ REAL AGE: 21.
✗ BIRTHDAY: October 31st.
✗ BIRTHPLACE: Tokyo Japan
✗ ZODIAC SIGN: Scorpio.
✗ SPECIES: Immortal Shadow Spawn. - [Hybrid]
✗ EYE COLOR: Hazel Brown.
✗ HAIR COLOR: Dark Brown - Varies in color.
✗ MAKEUP: Light Makeup, Yes.
✗ BODY TYPE: Thin Build.
✗ HEIGHT: "5'3"
✗ WEIGHT: "112"
✗ HEALTH: Excellent.
✗ ENERGRY: Excellent.
✗ MEMORY: Excellent.
✗ SENSES: Heightened.
✗ FAMILY: My daddy is Master Ruki, and my uncles are Uncle Genzo, Uncle Ryuk, Uncle Kenji, and Uncle Kai. Oh and Lady Silver is daddy Ruki's pet assassin.
✗ ADDICTIONS: Toys, Sex, & Candy.
✗ OCCUPATION: Blood Assassin for the House of Shadows
✗ JOB DISCRIPTION:Kill them, before they kill you!
✗ SKILLSET:Professional.

Genzo Matsumoto

Master Genzo is the second eldest to master Ruki and is considered the tough guy out of the bunch. He is tall with light brown eyes and looks to kill. When he isn't training or fighting with his brother's, you can normally find him lounging about in the game room drinking black whiskey.

Ryuk Matsumoto

Master Ryuk is considered the laid back member of the group. while he enjoys a good fight, he tends to stay more so to himself. Often seen wearing his nose guard as he is very self conscious about his looks, Master Ryuk is simply one of a kind.

Kenji Matsumoto

Master Kenji is considered the prankster with a very bad temper. He enjoys pulling pranks on his older and younger brothers while constantly cracking jokes on those he doesn't like. To put it simply, if you don't like pranks... leave him be.

Kai Matsumoto

Kai is considered the shy and kind one out of the bunch. While he's not into picking fights like his older brothers, that doesn't make him any less deadly. In other words... Never mistake his kindness for weakness!

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Verses: Friends,
Orientation: No Answer
Species: Slim / Slender
Height: 0"0'

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House of Shadows

The House of Shadows is a criminal organization run by the head leader of the Japanese mafia. They were first put in place during the early 2000's and have recruited thousands of young men and women to help further their cause to serve and protect the leader Sanzo Matsumoto. Sanzo is the father of five boys, of which the eldest was named Ruki Matsumoto. Upon his death, it was Ruki who claimed the title of Leader of the organization.

It was he who changed the organization from drug trafficking to recruiting countless men and women, training them to become bigger and better assassins. Stripping them of their former lives and giving them a new reason to live, Ruki became their saving grace as many of them were bound by their former loved one's debts that couldn't be paid off right away.

Overall... The House of Shadows is a safe haven for those who needed a way out. But only the strongest of them survived the cruel and harsh training of the Mongoli who trained these men and women to become what they are today, the worlds most brutal and lethal blood assassin's to ever be created under the greatest house to ever be know... The House of Shadows.

The Past

Lilly, born Lilly Faye Matsumoto, was the first and only female to be born within the Matsumoto clan. This not only made her very special, but it also made her a target for the males in their family once she had become of age, as incest was big in their family.

Lilly was claimed by her father Ruki at the age of eighteen, taking her virginity as his making it known to his brothers that she was not to be touched. This was both a strategic as well as a protective move on his part as he loved his daughter and wanted her to be happy by his side.

Lilly's mother died giving birth to her and so Lilly was all Ruki had aside from his other female lover, Lady Silver. Growing up under the Matsumoto family house of shadows, was anything but easy for Lilly. At the young age of six she was placed into the training camp for young assassins of which she became the top of her class.

By the time she became a Blood Assassin for her father's ranks, Lilly was beyond even that of Lady Silver's standing and that made Lilly ten times more deadly than that of her father's own female assassin.

The Present

By the time Lilly turned twenty one, she too had stopped aging. This signaled her immortality to both her father as well as her uncles. Lilly's personality is very sweet and playful at times. This is usually due to her innocent nature of giving into her father's every demand made to her by Ruki.

Lilly's favorite way to kill someone is to kill them with a toxic poison she uses to either kill them or retrieve vital information from them via her father's orders. Either way... Lilly is the most deadliest killer in the Matsumoto family.

Today, Lilly continues to work for her family as their number one Blood Assassin. Taking her orders from Ruki alone as he is her father and master, Lilly refuses to betray him for anyone or anything. She is madly in love with Ruki and will kill anyone who tries to hurt him in any way, shape or form! All in all... Lilly is simply one of a kind.

My Love
✗ BY WHOM: Ruki Matsumoto.
✗ ENGAGED: Not yet.
✗ CHILDREN: Someday.

✗ OUR LOVE STORY: Daddy Ruki is the bad boy out of all his brothers. He can charm his way into anyone's heart while stabbing you in the back all at the exact same time. He's the thinker and that alone is what makes him the deadliest one out of them all. why then do I choose to remain by his side? To Kill for him, and love him as his equal?

I do so because he is my father, my lover, my life, and my king. My life belongs to him and I will remain by his side until the day he dies or tells me otherwise. I love him because he made me what I am today. I serve him because he is all I have. I will remain his lover and protector until my last undying breath.

Forever His Baby Girl,


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